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Friday, July 4, 2008

Why I Hate American Vogue

Where have the models gone? Please tell me the last time a model, not a freaking actress, graced the cover of American Vogue. This is why I have stopped buying this magazine, along with the others. I know the 90's supermodel era is over and that it's not likely that models today will be household names like Linda, Naomi and Christy...but why do these major fashion magazines INSIST on putting actresses on their covers? If it's not Keira Knightley and her huge Kanye jaw, it's Jessica Alba, Sarah Jessica Parker or Gwyneth Paltrow, or horse-mouth Eva Longoria. On Vogue. What are the editors of Vogue thinking? I prefer Miss Moss on the cover ANY day over like, Kate Bosworth.

I have nothing against these actresses..some are beautiful enough to make the cover of Vogue or Elle or Bazaar or whatever, but just once. Not every effin month!

But what's irritating is that it's just the cheapy American versions of these magazines that do this crap. Do you spend 5 dollars for a mediocre version of fashion displayed by some lame actress or $20 on Nippon Vogue for real fashion? I will spend the $20 (via my husband).

This is why fashion has gone astray in the states. Thank you American Vogue. I now understand why I've been in a fashion rut forevers. I realize now that in order to keep up with fashion, I can't rely on you and the old school fashion mags--now I have to pay a pretty penny for an international version (or WWD), but hey, that's the price of fashion, I guess. And I'm cool with that but adios American Vogue. May we meet again someday when you put a real fashion model on your covers again.

Oh, and by the way, Linda is on the cover of Italian Vogue and there is like a 20 page spread of her doing her thing...modeling clothes and looking like the diva she is. Keep the actresses in Hollywood and out of magazines dedicated to fashion.

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