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Monday, July 7, 2008

omg. Dior. Your. Rings. Are. So. Me.

So like, I'm not a big jewelry person. I'm really not. I've tried the bracelet, necklace, earring, ring thing and I don't never feels right. I only wear my wedding ring (awwwww, how cute) and am now considering wearing different earrings now that my hair is fabulously short.

BUT LO AND BEHOLD! Christian Dior's recent jewelry line has made a grand entrance into my life and it is very welcome. LOOK at the crazy cute yet sophisticated line. LOOK!!! How hot is the oui ring? What!

Now look at the cutest shit ever..the diorette collection. Flowers for days gurl, days. It's like having a bouquet growing out of your finger. I want. I want. I want.

It doesn't end here though. It doesn't.

Come to mama, gourmette de dior come home to mama. Yes, these are very nice. Very, very nice. But I can see how sometimes I may want to sport something like this: which is understandable since it looks like dripping gold. Dior's Nougat. love it. I would wear this with either a plain cotton white t-shirt, maybe even a husband beater, jeans (medium blue), and some cute Chanel ballerina flats. OR, a black dress (jersey), nude eyes, balmy cheeks and lips, sheer nails.

This one is borderline old lady, but I've always liked rings like this. It's simple, a plain old flower (well not plain...) meant to be worn solo on a bare hand with a sheer white nail color, or if you're at least kinda hip, something darker, like Vamp or Black Satin from Chanel---something contrasting its delicate nature. No bracelets..nothing to distract. The gwendoline ring. Perfection.

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