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Saturday, July 5, 2008

I Heart Sonia Rykiel's Tulip Sunglasses

omg. There are a few things that I love and have to have. No matter what. I don't care about the cost, who gets hurt, what bill doesn't get paid. This is one of those things:

These are too cute. I know, I know..the style isn't super original because I think Prada or some other label had sunglasses in this shape a few years ago, but these frames are so much sweeter. As of right now, these are IT for me. I want them. And I want them ni-zow.

But fabulousness goes beyond your classic black frames. I will always, always, fall back on black frames, but that doesn't mean I can't have these either:

These are ANGELIC. There are other non-black frames, like beige-ish/goldish with brown lens that are crazy cute too.

Thank you Sonia Rykiel, for coming out with these! They will do wonders for outfits and they are a definite must in my life!!

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