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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Work It. Fall 2008 Part ONE

First of all, before I start I need to throw out a big hell yeah to Mario Testino. The September issue of VANITY FAIR contains an article and spread on the supermodels of the '90s and if you've read any of my previous posts, you know that those girls are forever divas in my book. So anyway, here's what he says in the article by Bob Colacello,

"Let's show those terrible actresses that it's all about fashion, beauty, chic," Testino exhorts, referring to the fact that for several years now Hollywood starlets have replaced models not only as Vogue cover girls but also as the highly paid faces of major cosmetics brands. "No, no not terrible--lovely actresses," Testino hastens to add.'

Okaaaaaay? Thank you Mario. Thank you.

So here's some stuff that I'm liking about Fall 08.

Two-tone tights from Chanel. Brilliant. Why? Because only the right person can wear these tights. All those peeps out there who are dying to know how much they cost better have long Giselle legs because bulgy, muscular calves will not do. Like, you really gotta have personal style for these. And chances are, if you're wondering or asking the internet gods how much they cost, you're not the right person to be wearing them. Ouch.

Of course, I lu-hu-huv the textured-tights-with-clunky-shoes look, mostly seen and superbly executed by Marni. Makes me really happy to live in a state where it gets cold. I obviously can't wear shoes with heels this high since my sorry ass has to walk everywhere, but I don't think they need to be that high to pull off the look. I like Marni's Fall collection too. The layers don't bother me and I like the basic color scheme--it's not all jewel-toned out.

Givenchy Phenomen'Eyes Mascara: How crazy is that wand? It looks scary, like some weird micro organism you look at under a microscope. I wanna try it though. It's supposed to catch all the itsy-bitsy lashes your normal mascara brush misses. I don't know though. I wanna read reviews before I make the purchase. [photo from].

Hmmmmm...what else. In terms of clothes, of course Marc Jacobs comes to mind. But that's a given. His shit is SO cute, always. [photo by]

There's actually a lot that
I'm not crazy about when it comes to Fall. Don't like the frilly tops, for example: and .
Nothing against Nanette Lepore and Robert Rodriguez (respectively) because they're just doing what they have to do every fall, but the frilly ruffles are so Jack Sparrow. Not to mention if you're not rail thin, you're just going to look like Meat Loaf circa 1970's (ew). [photos by]

Anywayzzzzzzzzzz, that's my take on Fall 08 for now. I say go with basic, muted tones (grays, beige, brown, black, white) and then throw in one article of clothing or accessory that is jewel toned--my pick would be something emerald green. I'm not feeling burgundy or purple this time around. Maybe a nice deep red. Think Marni, Phillip Lim, Marc Jacobs.

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